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AC Installation in Warwick, NY


Are you looking for AC installation in Warwick, NY?

Let’s face it: if your property doesn’t have AC or if your old air conditioner doesn’t work anymore, it’s imperative that you have a new, effective AC installed as soon as possible.

Summer temperatures in New York can easily rise into the 90s, and when that happens, indoor temperatures can get dangerously high. When that happens, people with respiratory problems or allergies, as well as pregnant women, young children and sick or old people, can be at risk of heat stroke. So can any pets you have in your property. In addition, air quality can be very poor due to dust, pollen and other contaminants, as well as high humidity.

Whether it’s your home or your business, as the property owner, you’re responsible for providing a healthy and safe living or work environment for the occupants. And that’s why you need a properly functioning air conditioner.

Benefits of AC Installation in Warwick, NY

There are many benefits to installing a new air conditioner:

  • You’ll have a comfortable indoor air temperature.
  • The indoor air quality will improve significantly.
  • You’ll keep your energy costs low.
  • You can combine it with a heating system so you’re all set for the winter, too.
  • Your family, pets, or employees will have a healthy environment in which to function.

Jones: Your Warwick HVAC Specialist

Many property owners find it difficult to decide what type of AC to have installed. That’s why the team of HVAC experts here at Jones is dedicated to evaluating your property and your needs and presenting you with the best, most cost-effective cooling solutions. Possible AC options include:

  • Central AC and air duct system installation
  • Mini-split ACs in multiple rooms
  • Wall-mounted ACs
  • Window-mounted air conditioners

Each of these options has its pros and cons, which is why it’s crucial that you consult with an experience HVAC technician about which system is best for your situation.

For the very best AC installation in Warwick, NY, call the team of dedicated HVAC experts at Jones today!