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Automatic Generators Middletown, Newburgh and Goshen


We rely on electricity for basic essential services and conveniences to make life healthier and generally happier. With a cost-effective, whole home, auto standby generator you can live worry-free that your electrical system will always function no matter what the surrounding circumstances may be.

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At Jones Generators, our experienced technicians know the overall importance of auto standby generators. We provide you with all the installation, repair, replacement, or maintenance services you need 24/7 to ensure that your auto standby generator is doing what it should be doing: keeping you, your family, your employees, your property, and your belongings safe during a power outage, whether you’re there or not. Our professionals make sure to stick to all the safety and local electrical codes in your area as well.

Features of our Whole Home Auto Standby Generators

The key features of our whole home auto standby generators services include:

  • Operation of electronic equipment and appliances, including your heating, cooling and ventilation systems
  • Maximized power regulation system that provides a quick response to changing electrical conditions
  • Large network of providers with knowledge of every single part of your auto standby generator
  • Innovative design with component, reliability, and environmental testing that offers excellent performance.

Benefits of our Whole Home Auto Standby Generators

Here are some of the benefits delivered to your home or business when they’re backed up with an auto standby generator during a power outrage in your area:

  • Protecting your business from potentially losing money if daily operation is unable to continue.
  • Keeping the property lights on to improve safety and security.
  • Preserving the operation of a sump pump in your basement that may be prone to flooding.
  • Ensuring battery operated security systems remain on and alert.
  • Sustaining an efficient furnace in the cold months to keep people warm and prevent the pipes from freezing and causing any damage.
  • Ensuring your refrigeration appliances remain on and alive to keep food from spoiling.
  • Helping your air conditioning system to stay on so everyone stays cool.
  • Finally, although more of a convenience than a necessity: Keeping the TV or radio on to stay in touch with the world (depending on the programs you watch or listen to, of course)

Contact our specialists at Jones Generators to get your whole home auto standby generator today!