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Boiler Tune-Up in Middletown, Newburgh and Goshen


If your boiler needs service in the Hudson Valley, you can count on Jones Services to do the job and do it right the first time. Since 1986, we have been providing our customers with reliable boiler expertise and service.  Although boilers are typically very efficient, durable machines, all home comfort equipment eventually requires some sort of annual maintenance performed by a licensed professional in order to ensure a high level of performance, maximize energy efficiency and minimize the chances of a breakdown. Our heating experts are well versed in all boiler makes and models so you can rest easy knowing your tune-up will ensure your homes’ temperature is high and utility bills are low.

Benefits of a Boiler Tune-Up by Jones Services

A solid, reliable boiler is something most homeowners take for granted…until it breaks down that is. Fortunately, boilers really are some of the sturdiest examples of HVAC equipment out there, so there are often plenty of warning signs that your boiler needs attention. Here are some good reasons to get your boiler serviced, repaired or even replaced:

  • Efficiency: Today’s advanced efficiency models can be up to 35 percent more efficient than older boilers. This will lead to much lower heating costs in the long term. In fact, in some cases, an advanced system can pay for itself in just a few years based on energy savings.
  • Safety: Regardless of their age, boilers are very safe appliances. But if an older boiler does not receive a fresh supply of combustion air, then it begins to pose a health hazard. On the other hand, these risks are largely eliminated with a more advanced boiler, because all of its equipment is enclosed within its cabinet.
  • Reliability: Boilers typically become less reliable with age, and need to be repaired on a more regular basis. In many cases, the older the boiler, the harder it can be to find spare parts – thus adding to the cost of repairs.


Improving Efficiency through Regular Maintenance

Boilers that are not properly maintained can suffer performance-wise, leading to higher energy bills due to wasted energy. You could potentially save 10% on your bills – hundreds of dollars per year – through minor adjustments performed by a professional on your boiler system.

Monitoring Critical Controls

Your safety valves and water gauge glass are two of the most important components of your boiler system that need to be checked regularly. Your safety valves, as the name would indicate, are your boiler’s most important safety feature because they alleviate pressure if all other systems fail. Every steam and hot-water boiler must have at least one valve that provides sufficient relieving capacity in order to meet or exceed maximum boiler output. If the water gauge glass is not properly cleaned and maintained, it will seem to show an appropriate water level when the boiler is actually low on water.

Boiler TuneUp Features

  • Making sure the gauges are accurate.
  • Checking the pressure of your expansion tank.
  • Making sure all safety devices (pressure relief valves, pressure and temperature controls, low water-sensing devices, etc.) are functioning properly.
  • Checking the fuel system for leaks, controls and proper operation.
  • Checking the combustion system for signs of overheating and exhaust leaks.
  • Checking the heating system for zone balancing, uneven heating and leaks.
  • Making sure the circulator pump runs quietly.
  • Making sure the water inside the system is clean.


This winter, take care of your boiler so it can take care of you! Call Jones Services to learn more about our boiler tune-up program or to schedule your appointment today!