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Gas Pipe Repair


This is definitely not a job even the most experienced do-it-yourself-er should attempt. At Jones Services, we have seen this scenario go wrong too many times to count. In fact, any cities and counties in the Hudson Valley actually restrict gas line installations to certified and experienced technicians, like the ones on staff at Jones. By attempting to go it alone and install a new gas line by yourself, you could be risking both your warranty and your homeowners insurance! If you don’t currently have gas in your home, and you’d like to switch to it, then you’ll need to have a gas line installed. Make the smart move and call the experts at Jones Services. We also specialize in appliance hookups, so once you get our team on the job, you can rest easy knowing your new gas line is being installed by the experts.

Gas Line Repair

Gas lines carry flammable gas throughout your home, ensuring that they are used correctly to keep you and your family safe is essential. Natural and propane gas is dangerous if inhaled, and can pose a serious health risk if they were to leak out of the gas lines you have in your home.

Your gas line may need repair if:

  1. It’s loose
  2. It’s clogged
  3. It’s damaged
  4. It’s leaking

If you smell gas at any point – do not ignore it.┬áThe first thing you should do is evacuate your home. Then, call the fire department and gas company so they can verify the area is safe. Once that’s taken care of, call Jones Services to come out and repair the problem.

A Jones Services team member will handle all necessary permits and inspections, and will install or repair your gas line to perfection. Call us today!