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Generator Installation in Chester


Lying in the middle of Orange County in New York, you experience all types of weather from regular rainstorms to full-blown hurricanes. So as a homeowner, your job is to make your property prepared for anything in order to keep your family safe under your roof. This includes providing them with a constant source of electricity to power all the modern-day conveniences we’ve all, to some degree or another, come to live by.

At Jones Services, our seasoned generator experts provide you with professional generator installation services in Chester. For safety reasons, this is not a do-it-yourself job. When we install your affordable, pre-wired and pre-packaged generator, we’ll determine the proper size for your unique space for the quickest and easiest installment as possible – all in compliance to the local electrical codes and standards.

Features of our Generator Installation Services in Chester

Regardless if you own a residential, commercial, or another type of property, we ensure that our contractors are well-educated on all types of brand name generators, as well as all the regulations in the Chester area. Key features of our generator installation services in Chester include:

  • Automatic power backup to turn on when a power failure is identified
  • Long run times of standby, backup power
  • Motor starting capability
  • Safe operation of sensitive electronics
  • High power output
  • Propane and natural gas options
  • All-climate, corrosion and heat-resistant enclosure design made from galvanized steel
  • User-friendly digital controls with remote reporting capability
  • Sound shielding with acoustic foam dampeners for quiet operation

Benefits of our Generator Installation Services in Chester

From the most serious situations of sustaining lifesaving devices to the simple convenience of watching Jimmy Kimmel on late night TV, our electricians at Jones Services will make sure you’re never without electricity. The main benefits of our generation installation services in Chester include:

  • 24/7, whole-house protection from long and short term power outages
  • Sustaining you and your family’s physical and mental comfort
  • Protecting your loved ones that need electric-powered medical equipment, like an oxygen system
  • Permanent lighting fixtures for an better level of security outside on your property
  • Protecting your assets, belongings and your entire property from any damage caused by lack of power
  • Seamless power to your refrigerator and freezer so your food is preserved
  • Peace of mind during a storm that your electrical system is backed up in case of any emergency

Contact our licensed and insured electricians at Jones Services right away for your generator installation in Chester!