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Generator Installation in Monroe


For all you food lovers, you may know Monroe, New York as home of the original Velveeta Cheese factory. And as a food lover you’ll appreciate the importance of preserving and not wasting food. As a homeowner, you need to make sure your family is kept healthy and safe during any power outage, and that includes making sure your food doesn’t spoil due to lack of power to the refrigerator! Or if you’re a business owner, you need to make sure your company has access to constant electricity so it doesn’t fall behind the competition! Regardless of your situation, we have the backup generator installation services in Monroe you need.

With our fully-trained pros running the show at Jones Services, we bring you the industry’s leading generator installation services in Monroe. We demand the best from our electricians so that is why they are ready to install any brand name generator on any type of property, including residential or commercial. Generator installations should also only be carried out by licensed and insured professionals, so we got your covered to help you determine the proper generator for you.

Features of our Generator Installation Services in Monroe

Along with our affordable prices, our generator services come pre-wired and pre-packaged so the whole process is as quick and as painless for you as possible. The main features we like to focus on of our generator installation services in Monroe include:

  • Automatic power backup to kick in right as a power failure is recognized
  • Extensive run times of backup power
  • Propane and natural gas options
  • Heat and corrosion-resistant enclosure
  • Digital controls with remote capability that is intuitive and easy to use
  • Acoustic foam dampeners for almost silent operation

Benefits of our Generator Installation Services in Monroe

Our electrical specialists will ensure that you’ll always have a source of electricity in your home or office building to keep your family and employees happy and productive. With our generation installation services in Monroe, we’ll give you the following key benefits:

  • Full protection from any power outage around the clock, any time of year
  • Ensuring the physical and mental comfort of your family and employees
  • Ability to sustain medical equipment that needs electricity to operate
  • Increased level of security with your outdoor lights and alarms able to remain on and alert
  • Defending your assets from any potential damage caused by a blackout
  • Constant flow of electricity to keep your refrigerator on and preserving your food
  • Peace of mind during inclement weather that your source of electricity will always remain constant

Grab the phone and call our professionals at Jones Services today for all of your generator installation service needs in Monroe!