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Generator Services in Middletown, Newburgh and Goshen


Is your home prepared in case of a storm?

Without reliable back-up standby power, your home might be at risk of losing electricity — and black-outs aren’t just an inconvenience! Not having power can actually pose a major safety risk to homeowners. In addition to not having your lights, computers, or TVs, you also could be left without the following for an indefinite period of time:

  • Home Security System– When the power goes out, you lose your security system and exterior security lights. For that indefinite period of time, your home, your valuables, and your family are all unprotected.
  • Food Preservation– Almost everyone is familiar with the annoyance and waste of having to throw away spoiled food after a power outage. Keep your fridge operating for the entire blackout and you’ll never have to waste food again.
  • Clean Tap Water– In this area, many homeowners get their water from private wells. When the power goes out, the well pump or water filtration system may stop — meaning your might not have clean water for days! Be prepared for everything with generator installation.
  • Aging-in-Place Appliances– If you or a loved one is an elderly or handicapped person living on their own, they may rely on certain conveniences to help them navigate their home. Not having, for instance, an operational stair lift may be a serious safety concern.

The Jones Services professionals are certified and prepared to deliver generator service and installations to ensure your home is kept safe all year round. Call for any of the following today!

Generator Sales & Installation

At Jones, we sell and install generators at competitive pricing and with the best attention to detail and quality in the industry. Our licensed and certified Generac specialists will help to find the best possible solutions for your home and install only the highest quality products. When you work with us, you’re guaranteed to get:

  • Complete Code Compliance– In order to install a generator properly, you need to understand the regulations of the area. Whereas a big-box franchise company will only sell you the unit without knowing how to properly install it, our local experts know exactly how to insure your installation is safe, precise and in line with efficiency standards.
  • Best Available Pricing– Ask us about our price-match and financing offers! We want you to get the best quality equipment and best possible price.
  • Quality Equipment– Generators are not all created equal. In fact, some providers are far more trusted than others. We rely on Generac, the most trusted manufacturer in the entire industry, for models that are quality and built to last.

Need automatic standby generator power? Call Jones Services for a generator installation today!

Generator Maintenance

Like any large and important machine, generators require some degree of regular maintenance in order to continue functioning at peak efficiency.

Jones Services provides unsurpassed product support for all generator models. Our experts are factory trained and certified for Generac products and beyond. If you need maintenance, repair, or warranty information for your current machine, we can help!

We perform all preventative generator maintenance service, including:

  • Check Fuel Line and Flexible Fuel Line and Connections
  • Engine Fluid Levels Check
  • Change Oil and Oil Filter (2 Years or 200 hours)
  • Cooling Enclosure Louvers Check and Clean
  • Vibration, Noise, Leakage, Temperature
  • Battery Corrosion, Ensure Dryness
  • Battery Charger Check
  • All Electronic Controls Check
  • Engine Governor / Actuator Check and Adjust
  • And More!

If you have a generator, it needs to be regularly and carefully inspected by a professional. The local experts at Jones Services are the pros for the job! Call Jones Services to ask about warranty info or request generator maintenance today.

Jones Services is a certified Generac service professional. Call for generator service today!