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Heat Pump Repair in Middletown, Newburgh and Goshen


Plainly speaking, a heat pump is a type of home heating and cooling system that uses a low amount of energy to move heat from a “heat source” like the ground or air and into a “heat sink” like your home. This process can also be reversed to cool indoor spaces in the warmer months. Contrary to popular belief, heat pumps can be a highly effective and energy efficient method of temperature management in all climates. When it comes to energy efficiency, you can’t beat heat pumps. Unlike combustion based heating systems, heat pumps simply transfer heat rather than burning fuel to create it.

Heat Pump Repair Services by Jones

Trust Jones Services for all of your heat pump repair needs. Whether your heat pump is freezing up, making odd noises or blowing inadequate heat—we can fix any problem. Jones technicians are trained to diagnose your heat pump to determine your problem and will provide you with a detailed cost estimate before any work is done.

Heat Pump Repair Features

When it comes to home heating and cooling, energy efficiency is the name of the game. However, over the years, as your heat pump ages, it loses efficiency. If your unit is more than 10 years old, it may be performing at much lower energy efficiency ratings than when originally installed. With regular heat pump repairs and service, you can extend its life and help keep it at peak performance all year round.

A repair visit from an expert Jones Services technician can help your heat pump get back to performing just as it did when it was new out of the box. Jones Services has been in the heat pump repair business since 1986 and offers expert repair service on any make or model of heat pump. You can trust our technicians to do the job right the first time—Jones Services is your one-stop shop for all of your heat pump repair needs.

Call Jones Services today for all your repair needs and get your heat pump ready for the worst weather the coming season has to offer.