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Heat Pump Services in Middletown, Newburgh and Goshen


At Jones Air Conditioning we work hard to maintain our solid reputation as the premier choice for all of your The Hudson Valley heat pump needs.  With nearly 20 years of experience, our trained professionals make heat pump installation speedy and seamless, always using the most advanced available equipment.

Heat pump devices work to transfer hot and cool air.  When the temperature is warm, heat pumps absorb the hot air and transfer it to cold air.  If temperatures are cold, the heat pump works in reverse and transfers it to warm air.  The ultimate function of a heat pump is to ensure that the temperature in your home or business is never too hot or too cold, but always just right.  Like split and mini split systems, heat pumps are automatically self-regulating, thus more care-free for owners and more cost-effective in terms of utility bills.

There are many benefits and advantages to installing (and properly maintaining) heat pumps for your residential and commercial spaces.

Benefits of Heat Pumps

  • Simplicity: There is no need to check or be concerned with weather patterns as heat pumps automatically sensor temperature fluctuations and respond accordingly.
  • Efficiency: With heat pumps, home and business owners may take comfort knowing that the temperature is always just right for comfort levels.  Heat pumps work through a highly efficient and accurate system that automatically regulates temperatures.
  • Consistency: With a properly installed and functioning heat pump, temperatures throughout your home or business will be more evenly and consistently distributed throughout.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Heat pumps are super efficient heating and cooling instruments that mostly eliminate the need to ever increase or decrease temperatures.  Heat pumps can help save significant amounts of money on monthly utility bills.

Let our experts work with you through all aspects of heat pump design and installation.  We want to be certain that heat pumps are the best decision regarding the flow and efficiency of your specific commercial or residential space.  We are experienced working throughout the greater The Hudson Valley area and recognize that each client has a highly individualized property.  At Jones Air Conditioning we are trained and certified to make your life easier by doing our job well.

Heat pumps are one of the most energy efficient cooling options available. Call Jones Services today to learn more or schedule an in-home consultation!