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11 April 2013
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Jones Services has performed furnace repair in Middletown for more than two decades. One of the reasons we have so many loyal customers is that we are always forthright with them. We will not try to talk you into purchasing a new furnace if there is a way we can fix your old one so that it continues to provide years of reliable performance. Sometimes a problem is so serious that there is no option but to replace a furnace. However, there are many other times where work can be done to extend the life of your unit. Retrofitting may be one such option in your case.

Retrofitting a Furnace in Middletown

There is a good possibility that your furnace can be retrofitted; not just to extend its lifespan but also to increase its efficiency. You should, of course, carefully consider the cost of having a retrofit performed versus purchasing a new model, especially if you are already leaning toward a new furnace. A Jones Services technician can thoroughly analyze your furnace to help determine whether a retrofit or replacement is best for you.

Retrofits for Gas-Fired Furnaces in Middletown

Vent dampers – This is one of the most common retrofits of a gas furnace, helping conserve energy loss. If you have a newer model, however, this may not be a cost effective option. Ignition devices – If you have an older furnace, then this type of device would be worth consideration because it can help you save money on fuel costs. It needs to be installed by a professional, however. Retrofits for Oil-Fired Furnaces in Middletown Barometric flue damper – Have a technician perform a draft test; if it shows that you are losing a great deal of heat up your chimney, then you should have a barometric flue damper installed. This is an inexpensive device that could help reduce your fuel costs by as much as 5 percent. Replacing or derating oil burners – If your furnace is old you may want to have it replaced with a flame retention burner, which keeps warm air from going up the chimney when the furnace is idle. This could help reduce your heating costs by a substantial margin. You can also reduce, or “derate,” the heating capacity of your oil furnace by simply having your technician install a smaller nozzle. If your heating needs are not as great as they were when your furnace was originally installed, doing so could result in significant energy savings as well. All of these retrofit steps require the expertise of a professional technician. Call Jones Services today to schedule an appointment.