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11 April 2013
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Jones Services has provided generator sales in Middletown, NY for more than 27 years. We are committed to giving our customers the best in quality and reliability. If you are in the market for a generator, here are tips that will help you select the exact type model you need to suit your needs. Call us at Jones Services and one of our technicians can work with you to make sure you get the right generator for you. Generator Size in Middletown, NY In order to make sure you have the right generator for your home, one of the most important considerations is size. You’ll want to speak with a Jones Services professional before making your purchase, because it takes a great deal of complex calculation in order to determine the right size generator you will need. Basically, the wattage of your generator will need to be a bit larger than the combined loads of the devices and appliances it will be running. Determine the running wattage of these devices and appliances, then add the startup wattage of the largest motor being run. Typically, the wattage of that motor will be up to five times more when starting up – more than likely, the largest load will come from the motor that runs your furnace fan unless you plan on running your air conditioner when the power goes out. You can find the wattage on the nameplate of the motor, or on an electrical data plate attached to an appliance such as a clothes washer or refrigerator. If you don’t see the wattage but instead see the amperage, then multiply amps by volts to determine the wattage. In addition, you’ll need to consider the demand an electric water heater will place on your generator and plan accordingly. As you can see, calculating the size of generator you can need for your home can be a very involved process. Again, call Jones Services before you make any sort of purchase because we have a great deal of experience in making these types of complex calculations. Location of a Generator in Middletown, NY It is also extremely important that you position your generator so that you minimize the risk of danger from carbon monoxide poisoning. A good piece of advice is to keep your portable generator about 10 feet away from your home. One of the reasons permanently installed generators are popular is the fact they run on natural gas or propane, which is a great deal safer than gasoline when it comes to carbon monoxide danger. You also need to make sure the distance of the generator from your home not only meets the specifications of the manufacturer, but the requirements of zoning and building codes. Other Generator Safety Tips in Middletown, NY Never use a portable generator using anything but heavy-duty extension cords that connect your appliances directly to the machine. Better yet, have a power-transfer switch installed with your generator. This switch is a circuit-breaker panel that is wired to your home’s regular panel. It isolates the circuits that need to be powered during an outage while blocking current from flowing outside your home to the utility grid. The other main benefit of a transfer switch is that it allows you to better be able to use appliances such as a furnace that cannot be directly connected using an extension cord.