The Importance of Annual AC Maintenance in Warwick, NY

20 August 2013
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Annual maintenance can ensure you won't have any problems in the summertime

    An air conditioner needs regular maintenance just like your car. Just like you wouldn’t want to put thousands and thousands of miles on your vehicle without getting the oil changed, you don’t want to go five years or more without having an air conditioning tune-up. We can provide a yearly check-up of your cooling system to make sure it is operating as it should. This is particularly important if you have an older system and you’re trying to get through another hot summer. Here are just some of the checks that we perform:
  1. Flush the outdoor condenser unit
  2. Check the overall system to make sure all components are working properly
  3. Make sure the system is up to code
  4. Make sure the condenser coil fins are in good condition
  5. Check for proper thermostat/humidistat operation
  6. Clean the condensate drain pan
  7. Clean the surface of the evaporator coil if it is accessible
  8. Check for proper compressor amperage draw
  9. Look at the expansion valve/metering device and bulb
  10. Check all blower motor circuit boards
  11. Check the condition of the evaporator coil fins
  12. Check all of the refrigerant lines
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