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24 September 2013
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There are typically several reasons why an air conditioner does not blow cold air. Sometimes, the cause is very simple, such as a thermostat that has not been set low enough. Other times, however, the reason is that the system has developed a refrigerant leak. Try some of the following troubleshooting steps first before you call a technician. • Make sure your thermostat is set lower than room temperature and that it is also in the “cool” position. This sounds obvious, of course, but you’d be surprised how easy people can overlook this. Make sure power is getting to both your indoor and outdoor units and make sure they haven’t tripped any circuit breakers. • If the outdoor unit is not running, see if you can find the red reset button near the refrigerant line. Press the button and see if that activates the unit. If it doesn’t, check the indoor unit condensate pump. In some instances, the pump will shut off the outdoor unit if it overfills. • If the problem still exists, go back outside to the disconnect box. If it has fuses, make sure they haven’t blown. If it has a circuit breaker, make sure it hasn’t tripped. If none of the above steps work, call Jones at (845) 262-2240 and we’ll determine the reason for your issue.