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26 September 2013
Category: Heating
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Water heaters will typically give some sort of trouble signs before they fail completely. If you, for example, notice that your water isn’t getting as hot as it normally does, then your system may be in the process of going out. You should call a plumber as soon as possible before the appliance stops working completely. Water pooling at the bottom of the tank is an indication that your system needs to be replaced. Over time, corrosion can occur inside of the tank. Once it eats through, it will cause a leak. Unfortunately, this type of problem can’t be repaired so you’ll need a new water heater. Think about having your tank flushed regularly so that corrosive elements can be eliminated. This will help extend the life of your system. If your water turns on odd color, this is another sign of a water heater problem. Sediment can accumulate inside of a tank and make water look rust-colored or something similar. This is another indication that corrosion has occurred inside of the tank. Call Jones today if you experience these or other signs of a water heater problem.