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3 October 2013
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If you are considering the purchase of a new home standby generator, you’ll want to have an idea, of course, of what size you need. You’ll need to decide beforehand whether you just want your main appliances and electronics to keep working in the event of an emergency, or if you’ll want your whole home to be powered when the grid goes down. Your generator will need to be able to create more wattage than your appliances and electronics use. As a result, you want to calculate the number of watts pulled by the items you want powered. This isn’t a difficult as it sounds, but you’ll need to determine, for example, how many watts your refrigerator and air conditioner pull, as well as your computer and television. If you want certain lights to keep burning, calculate their wattage as well. The reason you need a cushion between your home wattage and the generator you choose is that the start-up wattage of many appliances is much greater than their running wattage. Refrigerators, for example, need twice the start-up wattage. Talk to a professional and he can help you determine the exact type of generator that is right for you. Call Jones at (845) 262-2240 and one of our technicians can help you calculate wattage so you can get the right generator for your needs.