Fuses Keep Blowing in Campbell Hall, NY

14 November 2013
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If you can't find the source, an electrician may be needed

A fuse is rated at the maximum amount of amps that it can handle before blowing. The standard sizes are 15, 20 and 30 amps. If a fuse is overloaded, it will open the circuit and blow out so that your wires don’t burn. You can try to lighten the load on the circuit if this is a recurring problem. Another potential cause is an electrical short somewhere in the system. This can run from the hot wire to a ground or from the hot wire to neutral. Whatever the reason, the fuse will blow as a result. This is more complicated of a problem, but with a little work you can get to the root cause. Find the problem circuit and see what is connected to it. You could have a short in lighting, appliances or even cords that run into the circuit. Check all of your connections. Then, unplug the items running to the circuit to see if you can locate the one with the short. If you still can’t find the source, you’ll probably need to call an electrician. The reason is that there could be a wire in the basement or the attic that is causing the problem. A rodent of some sort, for example, may have chewed through that wire. Or, the wire’s insulation could have crumbled and resulted in a short. Call Jones today and we’ll find the cause of your issue and fix it quickly.