Generator Maintenance Orange County

5 February 2014
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Regular Cleaning Can Help Increase Generator's Life

  Having a generator as a backup power source for your home is, without a doubt, a great idea. What's not so great of an idea, however, is choosing to not have regular maintenance performed on it. Generators are kind of like cars - they need attention at least once a year to ensure they're running properly and doing the job they were designed to do. You will probably agree that not having an oil change in your car for two or more years is not the smartest thing to do. Why? Because a car needs fresh, clean oil to get you to point A to point B safely. Well, even though your generator doesn't take you anywhere, it still needs to be taken care of in order to ensure you and your family stay safe in the event of a power outage.

Why You Need Generator Maintenance

  1. Whether you've have 50 power outages in one year, or you've just turned it on for the first time in a year, your generator is probably dirty. As it sits outside, dust and debris build up and could get into the engine. Being dirty, the engine won't run as efficiently and could leave you without power when you need it most.
  2. Again, like your car, generators might need an oil change. Fluids can get dirty from all the debris, too, and you definitely don't want to try and run that generator without clean oil.
  3. A generator is pretty big, so there are a lot of moving parts on the inside. When we come out for a scheduled maintenance, we check and clean all of those parts to ensure they are working and not about to break down.
  4. This maintenance also helps to catch small problems early on. If we notice during our visit that a part of your generator is worn down or at the end of its life, we can repair it on the spot. This way, when the power does go out, you aren't dealing with a broken generator.
  Don't skip your yearly maintenance. Call Jones Services today so we can get your generator ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at us!