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13 February 2014
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Installing a new media center or home theatre system can be an exciting and challenging experience. While you’re surfing for the latest technology to enhance your home’s entertainment system, don’t forget to check your home’s wiring to make sure it can handle the stress. Getting the proper wiring and outlets setup for the heavy load that modern technology commands is crucial, not only for the safety of the equipment you are installing, but also the safety of your home and family. Running some simple wires and screwing in a few outlets may seem like a simple enough task, but it can end up being a project that you may have bargained for. What’s worse is that if it is done improperly, it can pose as a major safety threat to your home and family. Here are some things to consider before taking on this project.:

Current Layout of Area

Where are the current outlets in the space you are working with? Compare that to the requirements of your new tech. If you’re short a few sockets, the answer isn’t just to run extension cords, you run the risk of overclocking your system and blowing fuses. Worse case scenario, a wire trips and starts a fire.


Are your outlets up to date? What are their overall condition? Especially in basements that have been recently finished, you may be facing older outlets that have corroded or are otherwise damaged. Inspecting these before heavy use is critical.

Surge Protection

Any home entertainment equipment tends to be on the more expensive side, and to keep everything in working order you need the proper surge protection. A fluctuation in power can fry your new tech, so make the investment today.

Additional Wiring

More advanced systems occasionally call for extra wiring to be run throughout the house. Ceiling mounted projectors, recessed lighting, and control systems may require you to set up extra wires rather than just a simple plug. This can also involve getting into walls and ceilings. If the do it yourselfer inside you is ready to take a crack at home rewiring, know that it’s a lot more complicated than just screwing a few things in, call the experts at Jones Services. Improper installation can cause a serious threat to the safety of your home and family, so call in the professionals to do the job right the first time. Jones technicians are fully trained and certified to handle any electrical problem your home may be facing, so call today to get your project under way!