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26 January 2015
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26 January 2015, Comments: Comments Off on Generator Installation in Warwick, NY
Here at Jones Services, we believe that every homeowner in Warwick, NY should have back-up power in the form of a standby residential generator. Why? Because a generation installation offers more than just the peace of mind in knowing that you will continue to have lights and power in the case of a major storm — that IS the most obvious benefit, but beyond that simple assurance there are a number of very serious safety concerns in not having a generator that we want homeowners to avoid. That's why the experts at Jones Services want you to see this comprehensive list of reasons to get generator installation service today:
  1. Security- When the power goes out, you lose your security system and exterior security lights. For that indefinite period of time, your home, your valuables, and your family are all unprotected.
  2. Food Preservation- Almost everyone is familiar with the annoyance and waste of having to throw away spoiled food after a power outage. Keep your fridge operating for the entire blackout and you'll never have to waste food again.
  3. Water- Here in Warwick, many homeowners get their water from private wells. When the power goes out, the well pump may stop — meaning your might not have clean water for days! Be prepared for everything with generator installation.
  4. Aging-in-Place Appliances- If you or a loved one is an elderly or handicapped person living on their own, they may rely on certain conveniences to help them navigate their home. Not having, for instance, an operational stair lift may be a serious safety concern.
Not having lights, television, or computers is bad enough, but not having a generator during a black-out can actually mean a far worse situation for your home! With automatic standby power, however, you can have immediately restored electricity for your home without ever having to worry about the above again. So invest in safety and security for your home today — call Jones Services for generator installation today!