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15 July 2015
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15 July 2015, Comments: Comments Off on Summer Is the Time to Install a Generator in Warwick, NY
If you need to install a generator in Warwick, NY, then now’s the time to do it, while the weather’s mild and the days are long. Here’s why.

 Why Summer Is the Best Time for Generator Installation

Installing a backup generator is a big job. You need to prepare an area outside of the building to place the generator, as well as establish a connection from the generator to your power main. And doing this when it’s constantly raining or worse, when the ground is frozen during the winter, is simply much more difficult. That means the job will take longer and the results could possibly be impacted. At the same time, since installing a generator will require shutting off your power system now and then, you definitely don’t want this to happen when temperatures are low. Imagine being without electricity in November—no heat, no lights, no electronics. Isn’t that exactly what you’re trying to avoid by installing a backup generator?

Install Your Generator Now and Benefit All Fall and Winter Long

Granted, you can have power outages during the summer, too, but unless they last for days, they’re usually nowhere near as inconvenient and uncomfortable as they are during the winter. What you want to accomplish is that by the time the first fall storms arrive, your automatic backup generator is properly and safely installed. Preparing an area to place the generator involves leveling the surfaces, building an enclosure to protect the appliance and laying the connections for the power. This is not something you want to do yourself—you definitely need a professional electrician with proven experience in installing generators to do it for you. A generator is a significant investment, and one mistake could be costly and even dangerous. So be smart, and leave it to the pros! Once your generator is installed, you’ll never have to worry about power outages again. And that means you can continue to enjoy your home the way it’s supposed to be enjoyed: with the power you need to live the life you deserve! For more information about installing a generator in Warwick, call Jones Services today!