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21 August 2015
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21 August 2015, Comments: Comments Off on 3 Maintenance Tips for a Wood-Burning Fireplace in Monroe
The fall and winter are approaching faster than you think, so it may be time to consider investing in a fireplace in Monroe. When the winds are howling, leaves are flying, and snow starts falling, the fireplace is the perfect destination for cozying up next to heat and sipping on hot cocoa while wrapped in a blanket. A fireplace is also perfect for your next holiday party because it can provide a warm, comfortable atmosphere for all your guests. Jones Service specializes in installing homes across Monroe with wood-burning fireplaces to keep everyone warm and satisfied. However, it’s up to you as a responsible homeowner to maintain your fireplace and keep the fire blazing all winter long. The fireplace specialists are here to tell you what to do so you can keep on enjoying your wood-burning fireplace without worry!

How Can You Maintain Your Fireplace in Monroe?

While you should always keep your wood-burning fireplace looking nice, the fireplace specialists from Jones Service are here to inform of 3 of the most important maintenance tips:
  1. Call a Chimney Sweep: Believe it or not, chimney sweeps aren’t just a thing of a past. They’re more relevant than ever, especially when modern fireplaces require more cleanliness than ever. It’s important to call a certified chimney sweep at least once a year to rid your chimney of soot buildup from your fireplace. A cleaner chimney will ensure a smoother transition of smoke from the fireplace and out the chimney.
  2. Test Functionality: Make sure to test the functionality of your fireplace regularly. You can do this by lighting a few small pieces of seasoned wood and noticing if the smoke exits the fireplace up through the chimney. If the smoke exits through the living room, call a professional for troubleshooting immediately.
  3. Clean Ash Away: After a period of heavy usage, the ash in your chimney can build up faster than you think. It’s always wise to clean ash away from the fireplace, especially if it reaches near the bottom of the fireplace grate. Ash near the bottom of the grate can impede air flow and affect your ability to breathe.
Call Jones Service today to learn more maintenance tips for your wood-burning fireplace in Monroe!