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28 August 2015
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28 August 2015, Comments: Comments Off on Plan for Storm Season! Install a Generator in Monroe!
With fall quickly looming on the horizon, you need a generator in Monroe that will supply you with unwavering power for all your home’s appliances. Fall also brings with it chillier, stormier weather that can knock out power before you know it. While storms aren’t necessarily the main cause of power outages, the chance of power surges increases once the rain starts to fall. Power surges can knock out power when you’re on the computer for work or watching your favorite television program, creating an unnecessary inconvenience otherwise avoided with a generator. Jones Service offers the best installation service if you want a generator in Monroe to keep the power running during rough weather. Our professional electricians are ready to install a portable generator in your home that you can rely on at all times. Keep your televisions, computers, security systems, and other appliances alive with our service!

The Benefits of Installing a Generator in Monroe

When it comes to installing durable generators, you can count on us to keep the power running in your home. Look at what our services in Monroe can do for you:
  • A Safer Home: One lightning storm or power surge can knock out the power on your home’s security systems, leaving you with a higher risk of intruders breaking into your home. A generator will keep those security systems up and running to make your home a safer place even when the stormy weather looms on the horizon. Don’t put the well-being of your family at risk and call for professional generator installation immediately.
  • Power When You Need It: When your computer loses power during a work-related project, you may lose important data needed to get the job done. This can lead to plenty of frustration, especially when your progress isn’t saved on the computer. A generator ensures you won’t lose power for that important work-related session on your computer, ensuring successful operation of the appliance and success in all your professional ventures.
  • Keeps the Lights On: It’s the 21st century, so there’s no reason why you should have to settle for operating through your home by candlelight simply because you don’t have a generator. If you’ve ever been forced to walk through your home without any lights, then you’ll know how dangerous it can be. The installation of a generator in Monroe helps keep the lights in all rooms of your home on during a blackout and keep you from lighting those candles.
Call Jones Service today to install a generator in Monroe. When rainy season hits, the generator will allow you to fight back!