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8 September 2015
Category: Electrical
8 September 2015, Comments: Comments Off on Get These 3 Lighting Upgrades from Our Goshen Electrician!
If you notice your home value isn’t where it should be, then you may want to consider lighting upgrades from a Goshen electrician. If your home lacks security lighting or indoor lighting, then it could cause interest in your home to diminish. Since lighting always plays a huge factor in your home value, you want nothing but the best, most-efficient lighting around to keep your home looking modern and, more importantly, safe. At Jones Service, we pride ourselves on creative innovation and high-quality work, especially when it comes to lighting upgrades. We offer a diverse array of lighting upgrades to make your home to shine brighter than ever. Our team of Goshen electricians aim to make homes look and feel brand new, and upgrades in electricity in all rooms can add so much more to your old Goshen home!

3 Lighting Upgrades from Our Goshen Electrician

Jones Service offers a wide range of lighting upgrades in Goshen to satisfy all the electrical needs of our customers. Here are 3 types of lighting upgrades you should definitely consider:
  1. Outdoor Lights: Above all else, Jones Service wants to keep residents across security lights such as motion sensors and pathway lights ensure improved safety when you encounter an emergency, whether it be the threat of a break-in or the need to evacuate your home due to a fire. Upgrades in outdoor security lights will also provide proper light for your evening stroll!
  2. Kitchen Lights: Your kitchen is often a space for creative innovation in home cooking or chatty family dinners. An electrical upgrade can add to the social and creative energy with amazing kitchen lights that make dinner time truly special. Jones Service offers upgrades on all areas of your kitchen, including upgrade on shelf lights to make dishware shine. It makes your kitchen look like the place to be.
  3. Bathroom Lights: Whether it be new lights above your mirror or for your shower, lighting upgrades in your bathroom will make it cozier. Improved mood and atmosphere in the bathroom will make guests feel welcome, and add a new dimension of enjoyment to your morning shower. When it comes to a new layer of comfort in the bathroom, lighting upgrades from Jones Service is certainly a can’t-miss opportunity.
  Contact Jones Service today for lighting upgrades from our Goshen electrician. When you get an upgrade from us, you’ll see your home value skyrocket!