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1 December 2015
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1 December 2015, Comments: Comments Off on 4 Winter Safety Tips from Our Monroe Electrical Service
Our Monroe electrical service prides itself on providing installation, repair, and replacement that’s not only super effective, but also super safe. As we head into the winter months, it’s more important than ever to ensure the highest level of safety in your home, especially in regards to your electrical system. Maintaining a high level of working electricity as the winds howl, the temperatures drop, and the snow falls is just as important planning for the holidays. Of course, the team of electricians at Jones Services is always ready to give advice on how to keep your home from becoming a giant electrical hazard. It’s nice to have working electricity this season, but it’s even better knowing your family isn’t in any danger because of it. Never be afraid to pick up the phone and call our offices for advice from our experts!

How Can You Stay Safe This Winter?

Even though we offer the most comprehensive electrical service in the Monroe, the safety of our customers is the biggest priority. Here are a few easy tips to follow this season to keep the whole family safe:
  1. Cover Outlets: With the weather being less than ideal, your small children will spend more time in the house, which is all the more reason to keep outlets covered as exposure. All outlets in your home should be covered with permanent plastic casing that’s tough to remove. Households with naturally curious young children or pets will especially want to make sure outlets are covered so even your family’s youngest and smallest members stay safe.
  2. Invest in Waterproof Electronics: Rain and snowfall will be occurring on a much more frequent basis soon and as we all know, water and electricity can lead to some disastrous consequences, which is why it’s important to invest waterproof electronics for outdoor activities to keep you safe. This lowers the chance of power failures, electrical fires, and electric shocks.
  3. Keep Candles and Flashlights Handy: In the case of total power loss this season, it’s important to have candles and flashlights to provide a source of light as you navigate through your home. There’s also the chances of your heating system breaking down during a particularly cold evening, and candles can at least provide a source of warmth in their place.
  4. Look Out for Damaged Cords: Be on the lookout for any damaged cords or wires in your home. If you notice cords around your home that appear to have extensive wear and tear, then it’s time to call a professional service for assistance so it can be replaced. Damaged cords are among the most urgent electrical matters that need to be treated immediately!
Contact Jones Services today for Monroe electrical service to learn more on how you can stay safe!