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17 December 2015
Category: Electrical
17 December 2015, Comments: Comments Off on Why Should You Call for Our Emergency Newburgh Electrical Service?
At this time of year, you’re probably seeing many homes across the Newburgh area adorned with eye-catching holiday lighting, and there’s no doubt your own home will most likely join in on the fun. However, before you deck the halls and rig up the lights, it’s important to remember that an emergency with your electricity can occur at any moment. If you’re ever stuck in a situation when you have flickering lights or a total power failure, you should call for our emergency Newburgh electrical service immediately. The electricians at Jones Services are here for you at any point during this holiday season, and all you need to do is pick up the phone and call! We can perform a wide range of electrical services that will cover all the bases so none of our customers are left behind. The main goal of our Newburgh electrical service is to ensure homes across the area have safe, working electricity for the holiday season and beyond!

How Can Our Emergency Service Help You?

It can be frustrating having an emergency with your electricity late at night and unable to find an electrical service that will be there for you at all hours of the day. Have no hear however, as Jones Services is available to help you in the morning or night, sunrise or sunset! But why should you give us a call? Take at the following:
  • Flexible Scheduling: Imagine planning to host that big holiday party in your home only for your electrical power to bust. That’s certainly the last you want, but you can call our Newburgh electrical service at any time so you can have electrical problems fixed before that party is underway. Our team of electricians aim to work around your schedule so you’re not stuck with poor electricity at the most joyous time of year!
  • Wide Range of Services: If you think you have a last-minute electrical problem too complex or obscure for a technician to handle, think again. Our emergency electrical offers a wide range of services to make all of your electrical needs are met down to the last detail.  It doesn’t matter if it’s faulty wiring or electric panel upgrade, you can count on our electricians to do it all!
  • Quick, Timely Response: You could say that our team of electricians work faster than the speed of light to give you quality service. Once you make the call to Jones Services, you can expect an electrician to arrive at your doorstep as soon as possible. We know the key to a great emergency service is speed and we work so quickly that you’ll be able to enjoy your holiday season again in no time!
Contact Jones Services today if you’re experiencing an electrical problem and we’ll send our Newburgh electrical service to help you!